Model: PVT-12 LCD Touch Screen Media Player  



With PixVisual™ touch screen displays, the best in media delivery is at right your fingertips. PixVisual touch-screen players deliver breathtaking interactive multi-media content with simple screen touch control. A vibrant LCD color display puts your media in the best light. Whether it's brochures, catalogs, menus and wine lists, videos, photos or music, your media will always look (and sound) its best.  Their ultra-sleek design features cutting-edge touch screen control for quick and easy access to your entire media library, all with the simple touch of the screen. Media-Sync file manager makes it easy to manage and deliver your media effortlessly and at high speed. Tap it, swipe it, love it. PixVisual works hard to bring you the best in design. Our four-wire resistive touch-screen displays are easy and as effortless as a tap or swipe of your finger.

Four-wire resistive touch-screen displays are noted for their high accuracy and reliability which is why they're most commonly found in industrial-grade personal computers, portable electronic devices, ATMs, gaming controls, kiosks, remote controls, and more. Our touch screens accommodate touches by finger or gloved hand and virtually contamination proof - moisture, liquid, dust, even oil resistance so they'll perform flawlessly even in harsh environments. A built-in rechargeable battery lets you keep the media rolling, all without the need to purchase more batteries, saving the planet and your wallet at the same time. PixVisual digital displays are integrated media players that run off of flash memory cards or USB devices. No PC, DVD player, or network is needed. Simply load your content, images, music and videos, onto a flash memory card and plug it in. There is no special software required so they're simple to setup and use. Storage media includes SD, MMC and MS.


  • Simple plug-and-play - no windows OS required
  • Auto playback mode
  • Touch one area to play the corresponding media files
  • After playback finishes, go to the previous page
  • After 60-seconds with no touch, it automatically returns to the main page
  • After 90-seconds with no touch, video auto-play resumes 
  • Random multi-layer touch - no limit of layers
  • Max 99 touch points per layer
  • Easy to define touch area
  • Finger, gloved hand and stylus activation
  • High accuracy, sensitivity, durability and reliability
  • Dust, moisture and chemical resistant
  • High clarity  


Diagonal size

12.1"  / 307mm

Active display area

9.7" x 7.4" / 247mm x 187mm 

Display proportion




Display color

16.2 M 

Response time

7 ms 


300 cd/m2

Contrast ratio


Dot pitch


View angel (L/R/U/D)



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