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Our digital signage and kiosk solutions are a sleek, modern and affordable way to deliver your message to today's hi-tech consumers.  Deliver the perfect message anytime, anywhere, tailored to your specific needs;  from product information and event details, to services or reception messaging - it's all up to you and your imagination. A visual interactive experience that engages your audience while simultaneously reducing labor costs and solving customer service deficiencies like lack of employee training or product knowledge.

Our proprietary plug-and-play technology takes the guess work out of instantly launching videos, photos, music, or audio digital combinations. Every PixVisual media unit runs automatically as soon as the power is turned on.






Simply place the memory device of your choice into the back of the monitor and you're ready to go. No complicated start-up or computer interface is required.



You choose the memory card size and type to suit your specific  requirements from 32MG all the way up to 128GB - hours of video, music and photos can be delivered to your audience in high-definition, instantly. 



PixVisual units also play media through your laptop or mobile devices. A variety of file formats are supported such as JPG, JPEG, MP3, MPG1/2/4, AVI, DIVX and more.


PixVisual digital media displays are the perfect point-of-purchase messaging and advertising solution for trade shows, reception areas,  hotels, restaurants, retail shopping centers, schools, arenas, hospitals, health care centers, convention centers, and other locations where dynamic digital advertising is desired. PixVisual point-of-purchase kiosk displays are excellent tools for interacting with your target audience. Our easy to use displays enable marketers to blend strong branding, digital signage, interchangeable graphics, and product display into a simple to use solution. Messaging can be dynamically changed through digital content or new graphics and functionality can be added or adjusted with accessories such as shelving, brochure holders and lighting. Because all PixVisual products are constructed of modular components, our digital displays can also be reconfigured to suit different demands. 



Our media studio can offer assistance in helping you create the perfect branding message, or other captivating visual presentation. We'll help you design the perfect visual message to suit your application, whether it's aimed at showcasing your products and services, or simply a video or photo attraction for bystanders to enjoy.





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