The Changing Face Of Trade Show And Event Displays

Often they're the centerpiece at tradeshows or message and advertising tools found in airport lounges and shopping malls. They're seen in business reception areas and boardrooms and anywhere else capturing attention and delivering a message is essential. They can make people stop watch and listen in many environments.


Digital media players or video kiosks essentially deliver your message in a self-contained, small or large visual experience. The dynamic presentation of today's ever-changing media climate adds to their effectiveness by engrossing users in the experience you choose to deliver. PixVisual digital displays are being used in greater capacities, wider arena's and in various industries and stages largely due to key technological changes. Advancements in areas such as portable memory storage devices, video-display resolution and the arrival of large-format LCD displays have enhanced the effectiveness of marketing venues for digital media which continues to expand in a growing realm of marketing opportunities. A key benefit of portable video displays is the ability to regularly refresh your advertising media. Your marketing message whether video, audio or photos can be continuously updated in seconds with our simple plug-and-play feature and Media-Sync file manager.


PixVisual displays offer cutting-edge technologies that help marketers and business owners attract customers and other key audiences. The largest single advantage that PixVisual digital displays offer is that they don't require a computer or complicated network to operate. They can be managed anywhere there is power without the need for onsite personnel or experienced computer users. As a result, they are more cost-effective than typical video workstations or digital kiosks.


digital-media-player-control-buttons.jpg  digital-media-player-memory-card-insert.jpg  digital-media-player-usb-upload.jpg 

PixVisual digital signage displays are designed for serious marketers and business professionals like you who need the ultimate system to effectively and dependably deliver your message.  If you're like most event planners, you haven’t got a minute to waste. You’re tired of computer glitches, lags, freezes, and just plain speed. Maybe you’ve had good luck increasing your customer base and finding new opportunities for furthering your business, but you’ve had bad luck with computers. If you have experience with typical video kiosk displays or other digital signage systems, then you’ve dealt with overcomplicated, overheating, overkill. Ever wonder what opportunities you may have missed when your trade show video computer failed you? How many restarts did it take to get your message back up and running? PixVisual digital video, photo and audio players are specially designed for event planners and business professionals who are tired of doing things the complicated way. Business is moving in such a way that it could result in serious setbacks if you continually have to wait for your computer.


Posters, signs, and PC based workstations are beginning to slowly disappear from main street event venues. Major advancements have made flat-panel digital displays more convenient, cost efficient and viable in today's often changing marketing and advertising scope.



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