Choosing the Right SD Memory Card 


There are hundreds of manufacturers that make memory cards and devices built to SD standards in a variety of storage capacities, speed classes and different physical sizes. SD, miniSD, and microSD memory cards are typically used in personal computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other consumer electronics devices. The microSD and miniSD cards are commonly used in smaller electronic devices like mobile phones and tablet computers. Some memory card manufacturers offer adapters allowing microSD cards to fit a traditional SD card slot. 


       Full SD 



SD Card Capacity  


Memory-cards-sd-type.jpg up to 2GB

SD (High Capacity)

4GB to 32GB
SDXC (Extended Capacity Over 32GB

You need to consider your media playing requirements to determine the right memory capacity and speed choice for your PixVisual digital media player. The size of the memory card you choose depends on the size and quality of your videos, audio files and photos. Study our reference chart below that illustrates the various storage capacities of many typical memory cards.



2 GB

4 GB

8 GB

16 GB

32 GB

(Hi-def movie recording MPEG-4. H.264)

Fine mode (13Mbps/CBR)

20 min.

40 min.

80 min.

160 min.

320 min.

Normal mode (9Mbps/VBR)

30 min.

60 min.

120 min.

240 min.

480 min.

Economy mode (6Mbps/VBR)

45 min.

60 min.

180 min.

360 min.

720 min.


10 Megapixels, 3648x2736, Fine mode

770 photos

1,540 photos

3,080 photos

6,160 photos

12,320 photos


ACC, MP3 HQ mode, 128Kbps

34 hr. 7 min.

68 hr. 14 min.

136 hr. 27 min.

272 hr. 54 min.

545 hr. 48 min.










































* All numbers are approximate. Actual storage will depend on size of data and compression used.

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