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Digital Display Advertising. Demand Attention

Looking to grab a little attention at your next event, product release, or service? You could try the conventional approaches, but few mediums are as compelling as digital advertising displays that play video, audio and photos with a touch of a button. People can't help looking at digital display advertising. While they may be able to shut out a radio announcement or look right past an ad or billboard, they simply can't ignore an animated, colorful digital sign. The movement of a creative, interesting digital sign cuts through the sensory clutter of today's world. It demands attention so you can get your message across.  PV-19AC.jpg
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Engage Audiences Through Content Delivery

Today's generation of consumers demand rich digital content which presents great opportunities for increasing brand awareness, improving sales and growing revenue. Delivering this media to today's buyers can create challenges for those responsible for managing digital media delivery. With technology outpacing everyday marketers, it can sometimes be overwhelming. You may find yourself struggling to maintain a high skill level of infrastructure management in order to maximize audience engagement - and finding a way to manage it at an acceptable cost. Today's connected lifestyles demand speed and consistency, just as your organization demands agility and quick time-to-market. PixVisual is here to help. Our proprietary PixActive" technology provides simple plug-and-play media players that deliver video, audio, and photos in a variety of formats - all without the need for costly computers or monitors. Turn on customers and engage prospective buyers or you risk being tuned out.

Show Them Your Best

PixVisual™ digital displays are excellent tools for interacting with your target audience. Take your showon the road and promote your product or service at trade shows, retail environments, public spaces, or special events. Our proprietary PixActive™ technology enables marketers to blend strong branding, digital signage, interchangeable graphics, and product display into a simple to use all-in-one solution. trade_show_activia.jpg 

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